A Tribute to a father, a husband, and a great man.


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There are four videos inserted below.  Click the play button in the center to start the video.  You will need sound.

The first one is a picture - movie about the life of John Cappelletti.

The second is a euology given by his son.  It is called The Little Boy From Herkimer Street. 

The third and fourth video were shot at the Tribute to his life.  


Also - if you would like to download an amazing picture he took of the Roaring Fork River in Basalt Colorado - please click here or on the picture.  You can then save it to your home computer.

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Click on this hyperlink for a copy of a poem selection as read at John's tribute.

Feel free to share this link with any and all.

John will be missed - but he will not be forgotten.

~ Renate and Jeff


editors note:  The videos are hosted by Youtube.  Youtube is a great service, but, after the videos they suggest non relevant videos.  The only videos I posted are the four displayed here.

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Please let me know your thoughts.



This video is a terrific pictorial of John's life.


This video is the euology given by John's son - Jeff.


This video is what the Tribute hall looked like.


These are exerpts from guests that attended.  Sorry about poor audio quality.



Download of slideshow - long

Download of slideshow - short